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Pentax KS-2 a weather-sealed DSLR camera for new enthusiast photographer

Pentax KS-2, Pentax KS-2 review, Weather-sealed camera, Full HD video, NFC, Wi-Fi camera, HDR mode,
Pentax KS-2. Image:

If you need a new DSLR camera with powerful features and intuitive controls, you need to consider Pentax K-S2, especially for new beginner or family photographer. The K-S2 offers excellent photo quality, a solid weather-sealed build, a big viewfinder and a broad feature set. 

This camera is close competitor to Nikon D5500 or Canon EOS 760D. The Pentax KS-2 adopts smart design in many areas. According to, this camera got three good review as follows:

1. The Pentax K-S2 is better than 59% of the interchangeable lens cameras we tested.
2. It is better than 82% of the interchangeable lens cameras we have tested under $700.
3. It is better than 58% of the DSLR interchangeable lens cameras we have tested.

Pentax K-S2 offers the same great 100% coverage optical pentaprism viewfinder found on many Pentax cameras. The also mentioned that this weather-sealed camera has a great articulated screen for difficult compositions and offers features not found in other Pentax DSLRs. The KS-2 has fantastic in-body image stabilization system, an articulating screen. Low light performance is fine, while the automatic metering and white balance modes cope very well.

The K-S2 offer key features such as: APS-C CMOS Sensors, 20.1 Megapixels, Lens mount: Pentax K, Screen: 3-inch, 921,000 dots and Continuous shooting speed: 5.4fps plus Max video resolution: 1080p to capture Full-HD video. The K-S2 still sports excellent ergonomics and enough controls to satisfy enthusiasts. Pentax has made one useful addition: Wifi with NFC pairing, allowing for remote shooting and playback. The NFC will enable you to hook up the KS-2 to a mobile device easily, so you can then transfer images and control the shutter remotely using the Pentax app.

Pentax KS-2 offers some excellent features which you wouldn’t always expect. You can use this camera to make creative pictures. Turn the Pentax K-S2’s mode dial to ‘Effects’ and 11 colour filters are available to help spice up your shots. As mentioned above this camera is a weather-sealed DSLR; it’s weatherproof means that you can feel confident when using it in a variety of weather conditions, including of course the great British rain shower. All the flappy parts of the camera are rubber-sealed to keep out dust and water, making shooting in nastier conditions that bit less perilous.

The KS-2 has 11-point SAFOX X phase-detection AF sensor; also features a glass pentaprism viewfinder with near-100% coverage, twin control dials front and rear, and a 1/6,000-second top shutter speed. You also can use other new features, including a more intelligent Auto HDR mode on the Mode dial that tweaks the luminance channel for a more natural feel.
Pentax KS-2, Pentax KS-2 review, Weather-sealed camera, Full HD video, NFC, Wi-Fi camera, HDR mode,
Pentax KS-2 vs Nikon D5500. Image:
If you choose Pentax KS-2 has your new camera, so you will enjoy excellent image quality, particularly for RAW, handy OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) or s Anti-shake system, and excellent viewfinder, so you can capture the best moment when you holiday around the world, create video clips or other social activities such as wedding party, family or school reunion and daily life events.

The Pentax KS-2 D-SLR has a lot of features into its weather-sealed body. The K-S2 has In-body image stabilization, Pentaprism viewfinder, Vari-angle LCD, Excellent high ISO image quality, Wi-Fi, NFC and Snappy autofocus system. This DSLR camera available in multiple colors, Dual control dials plus compact zoom lens. Are you ready to capture the best moment?


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