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Pentax QS-1 with digital filters and HDR mode

Pentax QS-1 review, digital filter, HDR mode, Pentax QS-1 mirrorless camera, Full HD video, new pentax camera
New Pentax QS-1. Image:

If you need a special camera with automatic and manual exposure control for full control, so the PENTAX Q-S1 is the right choice. The Q-S1 is equipped with a 12.76 Megapixel backlit CMOS-Sensor mit Primärfarbfilter (BSI), or approximately 12.4 effective megapixels. 

Besides the choice of program, aperture or aperture priority exposure of the PENTAX Q-S1 can also be completely adjusted manually. For exposure metering options Multi-segment, center-weighted and spot available. However, The Q-S1 is a major competitor to the Sony NEX 5N and Olympus E-PL3, so Pentax Q-S1 must prove its superiority.

The PENTAX Q-S1, one of the world's smallest and lightest mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses. 

This digital camera is equipped with the back-illuminated 1 / 1.7 "CMOS backlit sensor, in combination with the powerful Q-Engine processor for an exceptionally low noise, high fine detail and accurate color reproduction even at maximum light sensitivity of ISO 12800. Also, the autofocus event of unfavorable light yet very accurate and example has been further improved with the automatic face recognition.

You will love the PENTAX Q-S1 because this camera a wide range of editing functions for creative image. There are about eleven Custom Image functions, various image effects such as Slide film, black and white or bleach bypass, are pre-selected. In addition there are nine smart effects to the alienation of such. As the two new functions for nostalgic photos or Antique Faded Color. These effects may additionally with 17 digital filters, such as Diorama, fish-eye or star filter are combined. As a result of their own creativity are no limits. Six of the 17 digital filters are exclusively for post processing.

In addition, the Quick Control Dial on the front panel with four preferences is provable, so that, for example, during the recording of hand You can switch between auto focus, ND filter, Smart securities or the aspect ratio. The QS-1 has the high-resolution 3 "LCD monitor with a resolution of 460,000 dots is perfect for extravagant shooting angle. For a clearer and more brilliant screen image, an anti-reflective coating that minimizes reflections on the monitor just in strong sunlight provides.

The video feature allows particularly low-noise images in Full HD, the. With 30 frames / sec and stored in the H.264 format and thus offer the maximum quality for modern players. In addition, interval shooting can be programmed within a period of up to 99 hours, and then played as high resolution HD movie. In addition, all Q lenses and smart effects and eleven digital filters and different recording modes are available for the creative film making.

The Q-S1's unique bokeh control function allows the user to make the subject stand out by automatically assessing the relative distance between the in-focus subject and obtrusive objects in the field of view.
Pentax QS-1 review, digital filter, HDR mode, Pentax QS-1 mirrorless camera, Full HD video, new pentax camera
Pentax QS-1 in many colors. Image:
The Pentax offer sharp images through mechanical anti-shake. The advanced integrated into the housing sensor-shift-type SR system (Shake Reduction) guarantees sharp, blur-free images even under difficult lighting conditions or when using telephoto lenses. The mechanical vibration correction here offers a light reserve of up to three exposure levels and with all compatible lenses to be connected.

The Q-S1 sports a classic design, with meticulous attention paid even to the texture of the finest details, making it a perfect everyday camera to carry around under all kinds of situations. The new design of the PENTAX Q-S1 impresses with clear contours and fine leatherette texture on the front panel. In addition to the four standard colors black, gunmetal, white and gold, everyone can configure their own color combination from the five housing variants black, gunmetal, silver, white and gold and eight texture variations, so there are a total of 40 different combinations.

In addition, the standard PRIME lens will be available in four new and matching colors, whereby the color diversity increases even more. The PENTAX Q's S1 can be on the website of RICOH IMAGING with a configurator easily selected and can be ordered from dealer and picked up after four to six weeks there in your personal color combination.

Other fantastic features

Different Scene and Scene Modes automatically adjust the camera settings to specific situations or subjects. The Bokeh Control blurring be effectively controlled, the HDR function (High Dynamic Range) enables particularly high-contrast images and the automatic or manual white balance gives the photos the best color temperature.

The built-in high folding flashlight offers functional properties and the electronic level, the horizontal and vertical alignment of the camera always be controlled. The Use of Eye-Fi Wireless LAN SD memory card, the data can be transferred directly to your computer or mobile devices. In addition, are still much more to the small case of the PENTAX Q-S1, which is worth discovering.


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