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Leica T an aluminum-bodied luxury camera

Leica T, Leica lens, Sony A7R, full frame camera, Full HD video, Wi-Fi camera, Leica camera, Leica vs Sony
Leica T a new digital camera. Image: 
The digital camera enthusiasts will have heard of the Leica, the camera manufacturer and maker of high-quality lenses. In the heart of every photographer might ever have a dream to have a camera that is produced by this famous photography company. What about you?

In the age of 100 years, you could have been thinking to buy a new camera, Leica T. Leica is a leading photographic company in Germany, and has an international reputation. 

Leica T reportedly has a different touch than the previous camera. This camera is touted as the camera controls are easy to operate by any photographer. Leica T is created with a body made ​​from 100% of Aluminium. You can imagine how light and Pharmaceutics this camera, where the products are made ​​of aluminum in general has a better hallmarks than products made from iron. You can compare, for example, a bike is made ​​of iron must be lighter than if made ​​of iron or steel.

Leica T, Leica lens, Sony A7R, full frame camera, Full HD video, Wi-Fi camera, Leica camera, Leica vs Sony
Leica T with Leica lensesImage:
Leica T is designed specifically with aluminum, thus making it convenient for photographers. With its light weight, this camera fits comfortably in your hand and reliable in all shooting conditions. This camera has a resolution of 16 MP APS-C CMOS, as well as your appearance with the performance of ISO 100-12500. Leica T is not affected by another camera factory that produces higher resolution camera, because not all photographers to print their photos in giant size. The camera is also equipped Wi-Fi connection, so you can send images directly to other devices such as smartphones, tablets, e-mail, social media, and even you can menstransfer your photos to your PC or Laptop

To observe the results of the photos you take of the Leica T, then this camera is very convenient because you will get a screen size of 3.7-inch LCD in. The screen also uses touchscreen technology, so for the operation of the camera can be done on the screen, and visual detail photo you can certainly displayed sharply and clearly. This camera also can you handalkan to make a movie or a video clip in full HD quality, with stereo sound quality.

Leica T major features:

16MP APS-C CMOS sensor
ISO 100-12500
3.7" 1.3M dot 16:9 touchscreen LCD
Twin top-plate control dials
Approx 5 fps continuous shooting
Brand new Leica T mount
1920 x 1080 Full HD movie recording at 30 fps; built-in stereo microphones
Built-in Wi-Fi for easy image sharing, and remote control by smartphone or tablet
Optional 2.36M dot electronic viewfinder with built-in GPS unit
Built-in 16GB memory
18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 and 23mm f/2 lenses
11-23mm f/3.5-4.5 and 55-135mm f/3.5-4.5 
Available in anodized black or natural aluminum finish
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom included

Leica T, Leica lens, Sony A7R, full frame camera, Full HD video, Wi-Fi camera, Leica camera, Leica vs Sony
Sony A7R a full frame camera. Image:
According to dpreview site, if you want to have a Leica T, you have to prepare money for £1350, body only, however you will enjoy the Leica T with an internal memory of 16 GB. Two lenses will be available at launch; the 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom (27-84mm equivalent) will cost £1250, and the 23mm f/2 prime (which offers a 35mm equivalent angle-of-view) will be £1350.

The costly price of the Leica T has put this camera in the same position with the 36MP full frame Sony A7R. As we know, Sony A7R is as one of the most expensive mirrorless camera systems on the market. Are you going to change your mind, then you will choose Sony A7R? If you do not have a problem with the budget, then you will not be confused to decide to choose the Leica T as a friend to your holiday toBali, or you can bring in your social or business events.


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