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Olympus E-OMD M10 a budget mirrorless camera

Olympus E-OMD M10, mirrorless camera, full HD video, creative filter, Creative Controls, new mirrorless camera
Olympus-OMD-E-M10 new mirrorless cameraImage:
If you have a dream to own a fantastic mirrorless camera without spending too much money, probably the new Olympus OMD E-M10 is great choice. Please take a closer look on this new camera. The Olympus E-M10 wraps much of the E-M5's feature set into a smaller, more compact body. It retains core OM-D features like twin dials, a built-in EVF and a 16 megapixel Four Thirds sensor, but manages to fit them into a body that's more Olympus Stylus 1 than ILC. It sits below its E-M5 and E-M1 siblings in terms of both price and specifications, but with features borrowed from two very strong predecessors it's potentially a very impressive camera in its own right.

The E-M10 is armed with TruePic VII processor, 3-axis image stabilization derived from the E-M5 and E-M1′s 5-axis system, Olympus’ 81-point ‘FAST AF’ system, 8fps continuous shooting (unlimited JPEG or 20 RAW frames), 3.5fps continuous with tracking AF enabled, ISO expandable to 100-25,600 and a pop-up flash (a first for the OM-D lineup) optimized for 1/250th synchronization.  On the topic of speed, the E-M10 is capable of sequential shooting at 8 fps for up to 20 RAW shots. With the built-in flash, you do not need to buy an external flash, so you can save your money to buy an additional memory card with greater capacity.

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 is very stylish, compact, all-metal body plus 1.44M-dot EVF with a 120 fps refresh rate, a 100-percent field of view and a maximum magnification of 1.15x; a 3-inch tilting, 1.037M-dot touchscreen LCD and built-in Wi-Fi that lets you join instantly by using your smart device to scan a QR code displayed on the camera’s LCD screen, focus peaking, built-in interval shooting capability and more. It can also record Full HD video at 1080p 30 fps.

If you have the soul of art or you want to stimulate your creativity, then the Olympus E - M10 are ready to answer your challenge, because this camera has been equipped with features such as Art Filters and Creative Controls effects like Color Creator, Highlight / Shadow control, Image Aspect control, Live Histogram, Display of five different grid patterns and even a Level Gauge - all without having to remove your eye from the viewfinder. With Wi-Fi, you can share your photos to social media networks, so your friends and your family can enjoy your photography creativity.

Olympus E-OMD M10, mirrorless camera, full HD video, creative filter, Creative Controls, new mirrorless camera
Olympus-E-M10 (left) vs. Olympus-E-M5-1. Image:
The new OM-D E-M10 is a retro styling camera that gives you pro-style performance in a camera you can actually carry. Its thoughtful design centers on a solid, while its ergonomic shape and nimble control schemes allow you to focus in getting the perfect shot. This new camera you can take anywhere with cozy for a vacation in Bali, perfect for family gatherings, birthday parties, chat with friends, and even can support your business activities with your clients and business associates.

Olympus E-M10 key features
  • 16 megapixels Four Thirds Sensor
  • TruePic VII Image processor
  • Viewfinder EVF 100%
  • No low-Pass-Filter
  • 200-25600 ISO range
  • 60 Sec 1/4000 sec Shutter
  • Shooting Speed @8fps
  • Full HD video
  • 1920 x 1080@30fps
Olympus has the E - M10 give many of the excellent features of the OM - D E - M5, and some from the E - M1 at the top of Olympus’s OM -D range. Do you want to get hold of this new camera? You do not need to worry because the Olympus OM - D E - M10 is on sale from mid - February. It will be available in either black or silver and will cost U.S. $ 700 body-only, or $ 800 with a 14-42 EZ - mm (powerzoom) f3.5 - f5.6 kit lens. Of course you need to compare this camera to other mirrorless cameras like Samsung NX series, Sony NEX series or Panasonic GF series and Canon EOS M2.


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