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Olympus Stylus 1 a stylish digital camera

Do you want to have a camera that will attract the attention of your friends and anyone else when you are on vacation or doing other activities? Perhaps you will choose a new camera from Olympus that shaped compact, stylish and has many interesting features and very sophisticated, can even interact with the Internet, then you can enjoy Olympus Stylus 1.

The Stylus 1 is a sleek, easy-to-carry compact camera that draws on the sophisticated technology of our acclaimed OM-D Series. The Olympus Stylus 1 is like a head-on collision between the compact system camera and the Japanese company's high-end XZ-2 compact camera. Interactive high-definition EVF, versatile constant f2.8 i.ZUIKO lens, simplified Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s also Wi-Fi on board - a staple in modern day compact cameras - a mix of "art modes" and the usual deep Olympus menu system layout. You can enjoy Wi-Fi sharing with a smartphone app, and 1080/30p HD video with 240fps slo-mo at 320 x 240. 
Olympus Stylus 1, digital camera, art filter, touchscreen, new olympus stylus, pre-order camera, OM-D series, Sony RX series
                        Olympus Stylus 1 appearance tantalizing photography lovers. Image:

You will love this camera. The Stylus 1 is a perfect upgrade from your old point-and-shoot camera. You can say that Stylus 1 is a full-featured alternative to a heavy DSLR system. The f2.8 fixed aperture i.ZUIKO lens has a focal length of 28-300mm (35mm equivalent), 10.7x zoom capability – and the superb optical quality of our unrivaled ZUIKO DIGITAL interchangeable lenses.

You can capture crisp images with striking defocused backgrounds and minimize the blurring effect of camera shake thanks to the fast shutter speeds this super-bright lens allows. There’s optical image stabilization on board too, which we found to be very effective indeed. With image stabilization feature, you can create a more stable picture. Other features include a 3-inch, 1.04 million dot tiltable touchscreen viewer, a hybrid control ring for functions like focus or shutter speed.
Olympus Stylus 1, digital camera, art filter, touchscreen, new olympus stylus, pre-order camera
Olympus Stylus 1 looks from behind. Image:
The presence of this camera is a challenge to the Sony RX-10 and series Sony (RX 10) and Panasonic Lumix GM1. If you want to have a stylish camera, then you pay a price of around US $ 700 (£550), and can be found in camera stores or online store this November or early December, depending on where you live.

 However, yesterday I had to get the information; now you are able to do pre-order, so you'll be the first to have the Olympus Stylus 1.

You can look stylish with this camera to welcome the holiday season and the end of the year would have been nice if you take a vacation to Bali or other exotic places around the world. Ability and speed autofocus zoom lens of this camera you can trust. If you do not mind the price is rather expensive Stylus 1's, then you can immediately pre-order or you are still going to compare with other brands of the same class?