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Tips of photography with Digital SLR cameras for beginners

Lot of novice photographers wants to move from a compact system camera to a Digital SLR camera. They want to learn photography in a professional manner. They want to try to use manual mode so that they can make images with high technique, for example, create photo art, photographing a model, photographing the sunset at Kuta beach, Bali or landscape photo in the Grand Canyon. They have seen a lot of nice photos and a state of the art in photography magazines.

Take a picture with a DSLR camera a little more complicated than the compact-system cameras or "Point-and-Shoot", which certainly is automatic. But you will not be confused if you are already familiar with DSLR cameras. If you notice, on the top right DSLR camera, you will find a button with some options Dial mode or shooting mode.
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Shooting with a DSLR camera mode are divided into two ways, namely Basic Zone and Creative Zone. In between these two zones are the most convenient and practical mode, the Auto mode. With Auto mode you do not need to set the aperture and shutter speed, everything is programmed automatically. You can also get nice and sharp photos with the Auto mode.

a.    Basic zone: If you rotate the Mode Dial to "easy zone", the camera will adjust the exposure automatically. You simply press the button; the results are guaranteed sharp images. Use the same basic fashion with Prosumer camera option on the menu, or even compact-system cameras.

How to shoot on a DSLR camera is almost identical, namely: Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Portrait, and Flash Off. There is a camera that has more options for image zone or Digital Vari-Programs. You can learn it from the user guide (User's Manual).

b.     Creative Zone: This zone is called the advanced or professional mode. With this mode you can create artistic images according to the concept that you want. Creative zone provides a choice of four modes, namely: P (Programmed Auto), S (Shutter-priority auto). There is also a camera that uses symbols Tv (Time value), A (Aperture-priority auto) or Av (Aperture-value), and M (Manual Exposure). Try to compare the existing buttons on the Nikon, Samsung, Sony and Canon cameras, and then you will see the difference.
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You do not need to be nervous when using digital SLR cameras. Refer to the manuals that are in your camera box. You also need to read in magazine photography tips; even you can get the idea and technique of photography on the Internet. 

You can start by making a picture with the atmosphere and around your subject, for example a dog, house, flower garden, highway jammed situation in your town, you can take pictures even in the atmosphere of a children's play park. If you have a strong will, and always willing to learn photography from a friend or family who has experienced, then you will become a great photographer.

For the record, now Prosumer cameras and compact-system camera also has a lot of that has manual mode, so you can use the compact-system camera or Prosumer camera, even a mirrorless camera to make pictures with a manual mode. Any sophisticated camera that you use, it really depends on your creativity, not just purely technological. You are the photographer that determines every aspect of art in photography. It is all up to you.


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