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Nikon Smartphone with digital camera features

Smartphones have threatened the existence of the digital camera

Canon, the biggest camera manufacturer in the world to experience declining sales as the number of smart phones that already have a good quality camera with many advanced features. Demand for various types of Canon cameras decreased quite dramatically.  
Have you switched from Digital SLR camera users or enthusiast mirrorless cameras are also turning to smartphone users such as Android, Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry with a minimum resolution of 8 megapixels?
smartphone camera, digital camera, camera features
Nikon Smarthpone camera. Image:
Canon cut its annual costs to the camera output because demand is much less than in previous years. Canon's closest competitor, you surely know, Nikon will also create a new product in addition to a digital camera. Thus given signal the company president Makoto Kimura. Nikon apparently was greatly affected by the massive production of smartphone sales is now more sophisticated because it has armed various advanced digital camera features.

Nikon smartphone?

Clearer Kimura said the product will change the concept of a camera with the release of new hardware. "We want to make products that will change the concept of the camera. This could be non-camera consumer products," he said as quoted by Bloomberg, on July 9, 2013.
Nikon smartphone, digital camera, new smartphone camera
Nikon Smartphone camera. Image:
Sony fortunate because in addition to producing digital cameras, Sony also has a lot to make smartphones with advanced features.

Nikon immediately noticed the decline in business profits by create innovation in the field of digital cameras to explore the world of smartphones. Perhaps Nikon intends to make products out of the camera; it could be the Japanese company's plan to make smartphone with camera capabilities, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. What about Canon? Whether Canon will also move slowly like when deciding to make a mirrorless camera (Canon EOS M).

If the two companies are launching a great digital camera with advanced smartphone features a digital camera, then you will no longer bring smartphone made by Nikon or Canon. Is Olympus, Pentax or Leica will also follow them to make a smartphone? Can you imagine the competition that will happen, but we as consumers will have more choices at affordable prices.


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