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Tips for selecting software video and photo editor

Now Digital SLR cameras from entry level, semi-professional and professional are equipped with the ability to make a movie or video. It looks like you do not need to buy movie video camera as modern digital cameras have a video feature. Even you can make a video or movie in high resolution or Full HD video. If you successfully make a film or video, then you need to software that you will use to do the editing before you show movies or videos on your monitor screen or LED TV.

You can get a video or photo editing software easily in the computer store or downloaded on the Internet. It's a lot of good video editing software you can buy or even free. However, before you select a video or photo editing software, remember consider what you want to do. Some programs can only perform simple tasks such as changing the format or burn DVD. Other software offers editing tools such as special effects, editing time, and dazzling display templates.

The first thing that you should note, if you are using a computer-based Apple Mac, Linux or Windows, so you need to choose the appropriate software to the operating system on the laptop or PC. But you do not need to worry because there are a lot of software that can work on all systems in the system or at least two systems, for example, can be used either on Apple Mac as well as on Windows.

You can use the tips below before you buy or download video editing Software you need:

1. Ease of Use
Video editing requires a multi-step editing, intricate and complex, so the program needs to be designed and easy to use.

2. Features Capture and Playback
Good video editing software allows the capture video from various sources such as DV / MiniDVD camcorder AVCHD, analog camcorders, VCRs, and TV. Screenings should be as smooth as possible to make the editing process easier.

3. Editing Tools
Video editing software should allow you to edit the video in the timeline and storyboard, and make a scene trimming, cropping video, as well as the process for adding simple text or title. Best video editing software even corrects lighting, change the aspect ratio on the fly, and there's even a feature to help stabilize the wobble / shake when the shooting.

4. Transitions or Special Effects
Make sure to pay attention on Securities on the video to make the video more good in terms of quality or appearance. Transition feature will help you combine the effect on splicing from one scene to another smoothly. That has a library of standard transitions are also important. Finally, the ability to overlay animated or static objects is the key to a clip so that you earn as you get a professional touch.

5. Editing Audio and Photos
Not all video editing software comes with an audio track, so you should be able to import your own music from a CD or hard drive.

Note well that the trimming, fading, and set audio tracks to fit the scene are also very important since the audio is also a most important part in a video. Most video editing software program allows you to import your own photos and include them as an overlay or image objects.

Such features can try at software called Adobe Premiere which is a pioneer of video editing software. The best software allows basic photo editing such as cropping, resizing, and adjusting lighting and colour saturation. Because both of the company Adobe, it's no wonder that this software also provides image editing features.

6. Export and Post Production
Choose software that is able to export the video to several extensions such as Flash video (FLV, YouTube), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4, SVCD, VCD, DVD, AVI, WMV, MOV, and even AVCHD and MKV.

7. Making Disc
If you want to show your video on a computer or DVD or Blu-ray player, SNDA can create a disk with or without menus. Video editing software is well equipped with a library of DVD menu templates. However, you can also use DVD maker software like Nero or other software to create DVD menu.

8. Documentation and Tech Support
Quality product support for video editing software is not a complement, but a necessity. Usually, the best software with a lot of users will have a sizable community. On the Internet, you can also find forums that discuss the software in question. It is good that you have joined this board, so you are getting a professional video editor, even as the great film makers of the future.

Important note:

Ensure that the video editing you choose should be able to work well on your computer, so you may need to upgrade the computer, for example, you need enough memory so you can store video files and can run smoothly. Consider the requirements needed by software before buying so that you succeed to do editing.


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