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Tips for choosing a digital camera for underwater shooting

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Are you a fan of underwater sports, such as diving in the waters of Bali Island, Raja Ampat  or in the Great Barrier Reef? You want to photograph the beauty of the curved like a fish, coral reefs and divers activities when adventuring on the sea floor. You will definitely need the right camera to capture the beauty of underwater so you get beautiful pictures and fantastic.

The first tool you need to buy a Digital Camera certainly is, there are many digital cameras on the market, but of course you have to choose the most appropriate for you, and tailored to the skill level, and how serious you are going to use it.

In general, there are three types of digital cameras available on the market; all of them can be used for underwater photography. Here we discuss the general advantages and disadvantages of each type of digital camera. In addition to the right camera, you also have to choose housing to protect your camera from water (water pressure) so as not to wet and damaged.
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 Pocket Camera
This type of camera is the simplest type of camera, designed for those who are unfamiliar to the science of photography. Almost all brands camera issuing this type of camera.

The advantages of this camera is certainly the cheapest price than other cameras, but the cameras of this type rarely gives facilities "manual shoot" because it is designed for the layman photographer. Therefore, if you plan to explore underwater photography, you are advised not to choose this type of camera.

 Prosumer Camera
Prosumer cameras or semi-professional cameras designed for those who are passionate about photography, but do not have enough money to buy a professional DSLR camera system (Digital Single Lens Reflex). The camera is similar to the type of pocket, but has a camera function that is equivalent to a DSLR camera. That distinguishes it from DSLR cameras are not interchangeable lenses. This type of camera is perfect for those who want to pursue an underwater photography with a low budget.

 Semi-professional camera has a distinctive because it has amenities such as a digital SLR camera with a relatively cheaper price. By understanding the limitations of the camera, of course, you can create powerful photographs with a camera of this type. We strongly encourage you to choose this type as an initial investment your underwater photography hobby. Generally, only to spend $ 5-6 million dollars, you can have this type of camera complete with housing. Note that you must be careful in choosing the type of prosumer camera lens specifications. If you like macro photography, choose a camera with a lens that has a focal length of 35mm (35mm equivalent), if you like the wide angle photography, please choose a camera that has a focal length equivalent to 28mm on a 35mm camera.

  Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera   
DSLR cameras are often referred to as a professional camera. DSLR camera designed for those professional photographers who already understand the true science aspects of photography. It should be noted that any sophisticated a camera, if it is not supported by the reliability of the photographer, the result is almost nil. Philosophy "The Man behind the Gun" is very influential on the outcome of a photograph. This type of camera is suitable for those who are passionate about photography, and has sufficient funds since these types of cameras are quite expensive.

How to tips on choosing a camera housing?

Digital Camera is not enough for underwater photography activities. To be safe for use in water, the camera needs to be watertight protective. Personal protective equipment is commonly called HOUSING / Home. Housing is also present on the buttons that are mechanically linked to the button on the camera. Therefore, in the water we can perform like we did the camera settings on land photography. Thus it becomes very essential Housing in underwater photography activities. Strength of the material as well as high accuracy is needed in the production process of housing. Therefore it is not uncommon to housing prices to be quite expensive, even more expensive than the price of the camera itself.
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Housing is only suitable for one type of camera only, Housing is not general, and it means the camera is only compatible with a model of housing allocation. Example Canon Powershot G series camera housing, the camera cannot be used for other models. Therefore, before buying a digital camera, make sure that the Housing still commercially available for purchase. Buy a camera directly with housing to prevent unavailability of housing in the future.

Specifically for DSLR cameras, you also have to buy additional ports accordance with the lens you choose. Each lens has a compatible port, and therefore specifically for DSLR cameras you can only carry one type of lens into the water.

Non-DSLR cameras usually have a function that includes a macro lens and wide angle. Therefore, one of the advantages of this type of underwater camera in addition to body lean, you can shoot macro and wide angle camera with 1 unit only.

If you are going to buy Housing for prosumer camera types, currently available aplenty casing / housing producers made themselves at relatively low compared with those of other manufacturers (3rd party). However, it should be extra careful when using the casing / housing made the camera manufacturer, as many cases of flooding / leak happened upon the owner of the cameras is a non-DSLR.

The best thing you can do is buy a 3rd party brands like housing Ikelite, Sea & Sea, Subal, etc., which are made from high quality materials and are designed for use in the activity of Scuba Diving.

Note also the procedures for using the O-Ring and Grease in a watertight housing system in the manual book each tool. The thing to remember is that the silicon Grease is not the primary means to prevent leakage. Leaks can only be prevented by the use of a rubber O-ring in accordance with the instructions manual.
With the combination of camera and housing is right, then you can take pictures underwater beauty perfectly.


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