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Sony NEX-6 with PlayMemories feature

Great news for Sony fans because you will enjoy new Mirrorless cameras from Sony, the NEX-6 has just been officially introduced. This camera offers a large sensor APS-C 16MP is pinned on the camera body. The layout of each it’s undergone some changes, such as PASM circular menu that is above right. The Sony NEX-6 viewfinder is equipped with OLED displays.
mirror less camera, Sony NEX

The camera is equipped with OLED viewfinder and a control wheel located on the top. Like his brother the Sony NEX-5R, Nex-6 has Wi-Fi, which can be used to transfer images to mobile devices and to upload photos to Facebook directly from the camera. Sony NEX-6 using a hybrid autofocus system as the NEX-5R combines both phase detection and contact methods to gain speed, and accuracy of the object lock.

Sony lens for mirrorless camera, hybrid autofocus
Sony NEX-6 and lens. Image:
For sale with prices starting at $ 850 for the body and $ 1000 with lens kit 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6. For ease in editing an image, the camera is equipped with PlayMemories Camera Apps features. With this feature, you can download an image editing application.

The camera is also equipped with a hybrid autofocus system and object accuracy rate is higher. 

In addition, Sony also introduced three new lenses, which SELP1650, and the last is SEL35F18 SEL1018. NEX camera 6 is also sold bundled with a lens for $ 1000 USD SELP1650. As for the lens it can be found respectively at a price of $ 350 USD, $ 450USD and $ 850USD.

These cameras are expensive, but perfect for photography enthusiasts without the hassle of carrying a heavy SLR Digital Camera.


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