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Panasonic LUMIX GH3 with HDR feature

Mirrorless camera or what is now referred DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) are increasingly popular and usually offers a compact dimension. But there is also a camera that has a design DSLM as Digital SLR cameras.

Panasonic has revealed the latest micro four thirds cameras to them, LUMIX DMC-GH3. Panasonic cameras targeting is growing more ambitious than similar camera with integrated viewfinder and other features of a DSLR. Panasonic LUMIX GH3 equiped with 16.05 megapixel sensor, which worked well until ISO 12,800 (extended to 25 600), Venus Engine processor, Wi-Fi, 3D noise reduction, and onboard HDR photos. GH3 is also equipped with a position able 614K dot 3-inch OLED touch screen and a 100 percent field-of-view OLED electronic viewfinder.
HDR feature, HDR photography

As with any new cameras Panasonic has equipped GH3 Four Thirds Live MOS sensor 16 megapixel latest and VII Venus Engine FHD processor to produce the best images and videos in the category DSLM. Although the design is similar to a DSLR, GH3 weighs 550 grams which is relatively mild. GH3 body now uses magnesium-alloy materials are weather resistant. If just exposed to rain or snow, you can still keep shooting without problems.

Performance under low-light conditions also improved, with the support of achieving ISO 12800, and two innovative technologies; 3D Noise Reduction and Multi-process Noise Reduction. On the back you'll find a round OLED touch screen measuring 3 inches and electronic viewfinder, ready to help you compose the photo.
Panasonic Lumix, Full HD video, touch screen camera

Interestingly, one of the advantages GH3 lies precisely in its ability to record video. You are spoiled with choices of video capture very comprehensive, ranging from 1920 x 1080 pixel (60, 50, 30, 25 24 fps) 1280 x 720 pixel (60, 50, 30, 25fps) up to 640 x 480 pixels (30, 25fps). The compression formats supported are MPEG-4, AVCHD, and H.264. GH3 has also been equipped with stereo microphone jack for headphones and an external microphone.
One other interesting feature is the integration of Wi-Fi for easy transfer of data from the camera to a tablet or computer. Panasonic LUMIX CLUB services include Cloud Sync to store photos in the cloud, right from GH3. Also there are applications LUMIX Link (Android and iOS), which gives you control of the camera to capture images closer.

Viewfinder also features eye sensor, which can automatically turn off the main screen when the camera knowing that the camera is not in use, thus saving battery. There is also a 6fps burst shooting at full resolution (up to 20fps in 4-megapixel mode) and HDR mode works in the background so there is no delay to the next picture.

For video, GH3 can record video up to 1080p Full HD, with Dolby Digital sound, integrated stereo microphone that already, and a 3.5mm jack for headphones and an external microphone. Recorded video recording speed up to 72Mbps (ALL-Intra) or 50Mbps (IPB), with frame rates of 60p, 30p, or 24p - the video can be saved in AVCHD format, AVCHD Progressive, MP3, or MOV format, and there is a wide selection of manual controls as well as autofocus, autofocus tracking, and face-recognition autofocus. Touch screen on this camera can also be used to adjust the touch-point autofocus setting.

Pop-up flash is equivalent GN12 at ISO 100, though there is a separate mount for the flash if the pop-up flash is not strong enough. Panasonic offers an external flash with wireless capability and LED for video, and the battery grip. Video output can be delivered in real-time using the mini HDMI connection, with the option of just showing the camera view, or the menu as well.
 Sony NEX-7 vs Panasonic GH 3 Image:

Panasonic also has buried Wi-Fi b / g / n, is used to transfer files both to a cloud or a computer, and there is a remote app for wirelessly controlling GH3. If a smartphone or tablet we have GPS, which allows data to be added to each photo or video clip as well. Onboard programmable control, with five buttons and two preset function hardware software, and the entire camera body is resistant to dust and stains.

Panasonic Lumix GH3 sold with lens LUMIX GX VARIO 12-35mm, f/2.8 ASPH. POWER O.I.S. Additional lenses are already available, the new zoom lens, the LUMIX GX VARIO 35-100mm, Which offers f/2.8 and POWER O.I.S. as well, and both anti-dust / splash proof. Obviously there are other micro Four Thirds lenses that will work with GH3, although we will probably need a mount adapter. 

Panasonic Lumix GH3 main specifications:
  • Sensor: Live MOS Four Thirds 17.2 megapixels (16.1 effective megapixels)
  • ISO: Auto, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12 800
  • Lens Mount: Micro 4/3
  • Screen: OLED monitor with touch control static 3-inch (614,000 pixels)
  • Viewfinder: Electronic 1.744 million pixels
  • Memory: SD / SDHC / SDXC
  • Connection: USB 2.0, Mini HDMI, Wi-Fi
  • Weight: 550 grams (including battery)
  • Size: 133 x 93 x 82 mm

 You can use the camera Panasonic Lumix GH 3 for a variety of photographic needs such as for holidays, studio photo shoot (model), family photos, parties, wedding, sports photos, landscape photos, macro, business event, seminar, meeting and creative photography.

Although the price of this camera is quite expensive, around U.S. $ 2,000, but you can trust the Panasonic on the resulting image quality of this camera. Before you buy this camera you can compare this sophisticated camera with Sony NEX-7 and other similar system, even with other Digital SLR camera such as Pentax K30, Nikon D800 and Canon EOS 7D. You can test their quality and features. The choices is yours. 


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