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Simple Tips before buying a camera lens

If you are using Digital SLR camera, you definitely tempted to try other lenses than the standard kit lens that you get when you buy an SLR camera. If you have enough money, what lens would you buy for the first time? Not all beginner photographers will give the same answer.

 Anyone interested in purchasing a telephoto lens, or a zoom lens so easy to carry when on holiday. Not everyone has the same focus. There is also a wish to buy a macro lens for crazy to photograph small objects such as flowers, insects and other small objects.
Do you really need a fish eye lens? How about you? 

 You may have heard the words of friends, which have a high quality camera useless if you only have a low-quality lens. There are also those who say otherwise. You do not have to worry with that opinion, although there is a little truth. Of course it is ideal if camera and lenses are all high quality. Of course not everyone is able to buy the lens and the camera at a high price.

 There are a few tips to resolve your problem so that you can integrate your digital SLR camera with a lens of your dreams today. If you are using a Canon or Nikon camera, then you do not always have to use original lenses from Nikon or Canon. There are two third-party lens makers that has long been a mainstay of professional photographers, beginners and photography hobbyist. You can also rely on Sigma and Tamron lenses. Both brands are very famous and popular all over the world.

 In addition, you might consider lenses made ​​by Tokina and Samyang. Just for info, Samyang lens is made ​​ in Masan (South Korea) established in 1972. Samyang made several lenses for other companies' brands. Its 500mm manual focus mirror lenses were widespread, sold under several brands and badged "Made in Korea".  Samyang might also be producing a special lens, so all journalists could photograph Psy “The Gangnam Style" perfectly.

 Tokina also makes lenses for Pentax DSLR cameras. Similarly, Sony camera users and other brands do not have to worry, there is always a third party lenses at affordable prices.                                               Image:

 More tips, you can always buy a second-hand lens, but make sure you buy from a trusted store.
 You can discuss with your friends who have advanced, so you can get lenses that fit your needs. The lenses are made ​​of third-party such as Tamron, Sigma, Samyang and other brand. You can also find an alternative lenses made ​​by the manufacturer of Russia and China, although they have not made ​​a lot of lenses. Let's wait if their product will be able to survive as other third party lenses.             

What if you are not a user Nikon or Canon? Do not worry there is a particular brand of lenses that can be used by Pentax, Olympus or Panasonic. This trend started in the mirrorless cameras (Micro Four Third).  
The use of the camera and the lens does not always depend on the particular brand or high prices. Is like when you sing, not just the song to be good, but it depends on who and how to sing the song. Not a song, but the singer. Similarly, in the world of photography, then you have to believe in yourself when you're hunting photos. To make nice photos and beautiful, you should frequently practice.

If you often take the time to try out your camera, then you will be an expert in the world of photography. If you have a good income or you are good at using your photography hobby to make money, then you do not have to worry anymore. You can buy a camera and any lens, anytime and anywhere.















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