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Overview of the mirrorless camera

Do you want to use a mirrorless camera? Let us identify the type of camera that has a lot of terms; Mirrorless cameras or Interchangeable-Lens Camera (MILC) or Compact System Camera with Interchangeable alias Electronics Viewfinder Lens (EVIL). The camera is one of the digital camera systems which began to rise in popularity since its launch in about 2008. Mirrorless cameras is similar to Digital SLR camera but without a mirror.

Mirrorless cameras were first introduced around 2008, and have attracted the attention of the lovers of photography. In general, what distinguishes a DSLR camera with mirrorless cameras is how to display the image in the viewfinder. Pioneers mirror less camera is Panasonic and Olympus.

To bring up the image in the viewfinder the DSLR cameras use a mirror that needs a space in the camera so that the size of the camera to be great. As with the mirrorless cameras, Mirrorless cameras have eliminated the mirror, thus saving size and weight, so the camera became lighter.
So how a mirrorless camera does conjures images in the viewfinder?

To bring up the image in the viewfinder, there mirrorless camera system that uses an electronic viewfinder, while others uses a hybrid viewfinder that can switch from the optical viewfinder to the electronic viewfinder.
Mirrorless cameras are unique and appeal because of relatively small size, compact and lighter than a DSLR. DSLR sensor size equivalent to the middle class and the lenses can be changed.

Before you buy a mirrorless camera, you may need to consider the pros and cons as you can see below.

• Lightweight and compact, convenient for carrying.
• More robust, due to fewer moving parts.
• The size of the lens is smaller, compact, and not heavy.
• The quality of the sensor, nearly matching DSLR.
• Ability snap frames per second is high, the equivalent DSLR.
• The sensor resulting in excellent image quality.
• HD Movie with stereo or mono microphone.
• Shutter lag, or pause when the shutter is pressed very short.
• Responsive, fast auto focus


• Currently, the price is still expensive, the same as the DSLR.
• Variation lens that can be used not as a DSLR.
• Do not have an optical viewfinder.
• Use of LCD and electronic viewfinder make the batteries are not efficient.

 Some say the picture quality is not as good mirrorless camera images produced by digital SLR cameras, but it's debatable. A good photographer must be able to make good photographs, even using a compact camera. You can, too.
You can pick one mirrorless camera as mentioned below:

- Micro Four-Third Panasonic Lumix GF and G Series
- Nikon 1
- Fujifilm X
- Pentax Q and K
- Leica M
- Micro Four-Third: Olympus PEN Series OMD and
- Samsung NX
- Sony NEX
- Canon EOS M

Canon is not the latest to be tempted to make a mirrorless camera. Finally mirrorless camera technology also makes Hasselblad wanted to play in the type of camera being this popular.

Canon is not the latest to be tempted to make a mirrorless camera. Finally mirrorless camera technology also makes Hasselblad wanted to enliven the market in these types of cameras.
Although not yet launched, Hasselblad has announced their mirrorless camera that Hasselblad Lunar which is a mirrorless camera with 24.3 MP (APS-C sensor) which is claimed will have the same quality as a DSLR.

Are you curious? Hasselblad cameras are also known to be very expensive. Let's just wait. If Hasselblad later appeared in the middle of the competition, hopefully the price is not expensive.

I would use a mirror less camera for everyday activities, or while on vacation. With the smaller size, and lighter than the SLR digital camera, the  mirrorless camera  is definitely more comfortable to tour around the world. This unique camera also has an advantage because it can be used to make creative photo. Some brands and types of mirrorless cameras have been equipped with the art filters or internal photo editor, so you do not need to use a computer to edit photos. That makes a lot of people excited is because the lens mirrorless camera can also be replaced as SLR cameras.