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The myth of megapixels

What would be your considerations when buying a new digital camera?
Fujifilm-XF1-digital-camera  Image:
 The first may be the brand that will be the focus of the camera, and the price and the number of megapixels. Is this so?
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 Of course you have to pay attention to the features of a digital camera; the ability of the lens is a fixed lens or a super zoom. If the number of megapixels your concern, I would like to ask, if you would print the photos in poster size or bigger than that?

However, if you are not a professional photographer, but you are very enthusiastic and hobbyists, number of megapixels is not too important. You should invest in quality lenses so that you successfully make any photo, whether portrait, landscape, picture human interest and need for everyday photography.

If you generally print off the more traditional photo sizes for an album do not be too concerned with the number of megapixels, most base model digital cameras will give you an adequate print. Do you also agree?


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