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Ricoh GXR

Are you a fan of unique camera? You need to look at the uniqueness of the Ricoh GXR. The concept of this camera is very brave. Ricoh GXR camera shaped like a pocket but has the capability of Digital SLR cameras. If you use an SLR camera, then you can change the lenses as needed shooting, so if you use your Ricoh GXR is not just replacing the lens, but you also replace the sensor. But you do not need to be confused because the sensor into one lens.

This camera is the first camera type that is separate from the sensor, the sensor design is based on the lens, with a concept like this, we are not afraid to be dirty when changing lenses exposed to dust. The principle of this camera is  interchangeable units, when the lens is removed, which means that we also remove the sensor. Until now there is no other manufacturer makes a camera like this.

The new concept not only still camera lenses that can be replaced, but the following sensor module lens can also be customized, allowing users to replace Ricoh GXR modules at will. Ricoh claims the camera can take pictures in low light conditions. This camera can also take videos with high definition quality.
Modules are available today are Mount A12, A16, and S10. Mount A12 and A16 have a sensor-FC AP so that it can produce high quality images. Meanwhile, the S10 has a CCD sensor extended so the price is cheaper.

With this technology, users have a variety of modules according to their needs and are not afraid of date to up-grade camera to a higher class.

For compact cameras, Ricoh GR Digital IV issued with a new processor. The camera is designed as a compact camera for the premium segment. If you use this camera for everyday activities, then your friends will admire you for Ricoh GXR is indeed very unique and could be an interesting collection. This camera is also great for holiday, business event, and daily activities.


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