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Making money from photography

Do you have a digital camera? Whatever type of camera you use, whether DSLR camera, mirror less camera or pocket camera, even a smart phone can be used for photographing people, animals or taking pictures of landscapes, everyday events, and so on. The ability of a camera on a smart phone better, you can count on for candid photos.
Apparently, consciously or unconsciously photography activities have now become a hobby that can make money. Posting pictures on various sites of friendship, such as facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest etc., are just as important as writing status. This makes people to be more creative and more time to improve the quality of the pictures. Moreover, the photo app is so great now that can make people look like photographer professional.
Almost all mobile phones are now able to take pictures.
While the photo quality produced vary because it depends on the type and the type of cell phone camera, but the photo is still a record of an event.
There are various pictures taken by ordinary people and then uploaded to the internet. Ranging from picture narcissistic, daily events, up to photo macro, landscape, and wedding.
Maybe we think that we produce photo was ugly and embarrassing, because we are not a professional photographer. But you know that there are many photos from ordinary people who became famous photo everywhere. This is due to two things, namely the magnitude of social media networking system combined speed internet news, and an overview of what is photo itself.
So it could have pictures taken from a camera mobile phone with mediocre quality but has the power of what is delivered.
Besides the last photo we can post on our social media accounts, we can also try to sell them directly on sites which provide the facility to sell pictures. Here are 15 sites where selling pictures that are worth a try:
• Dreamstime - We paid 35 cents up to $ 8.40 per image. Also provide an additional fee if a member exclusively.
This site also accepts illustrations, and an extra payment for the sale of RAW and vector art.
Shutterstock - Paying 25 cents for each image downloaded. Also has a referral system that will pay 3 cents per photo sold by another photographer who is our referral.
They also are receiving illustrations and videos.
• StockXpert - Paying 50% for the price of $ 1 up to $ 10 per photo.
• BigStockPhoto - Paying ranging from 50 cents to $ 3 for each image is downloaded, and can be up to $ 60 per download for the sale of special license.
iStockphoto- Paying 20-40% at a price range starting from $ 1 up to $ 20 for each image. We can also get paid more if tied exclusively. The Minimum of selling price of 19 cents per download.
This site also sells video, illustration, flash animation, and audio.
• 123 Royalty Free - Pay 50% and 36 cents per subscription download.
Also has a referral system that pays 10% per referral photographer photo sold
• CanStockPhoto - Price $ 1 per photo.
We got 50% and 25 cents per subscription download.
Fotolia - Photo for sale ranging from $ 1 to $ 3 per pictures.
And we get paid 33% to 64% of the sale price.
Shutterpoint - This site pays our photo is as high as about 70% to 85% based on the royalty free license that we sell.
• Nature Photo Index - This site is not huge, but they claim will give 99% of the selling price to the photographer photo sold.
• Scoopt - You pay a royalty of 40% to the photographer.
• Citizenside - This site sells photo to the news media.
It is not known how it works, but was told that the photographer will get a commission of up to 75%.
• Photo Stock Plus - Paying a commission of 85% minus 3.25% for the fee and the photographer was released to fix the price of their own photo.
CreStock - Gives a 30% commission for each sale at a price per picture the range $ 5 to $ 15.
But for the first 100 sales we only get a commission of 20%.
• SnapVillage - for sale ranging from $ 1 up to $ 50 per image and we get a royalty of 30%. Also you get 30 cents of every subscription download.
Don’t forget to visit one of the website that mentioned above.

You can use your digital camera to make money. The important thing is you are serious and have a strong desire to learn and develop your hobby is. Even you can be a professional photographer, you also can be hired to create wedding photo documentation, corporate events, and photo shoots for advertising and so on.


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