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Tips for selecting high-end camera

Is there a best camera in the world? There can be no best camera in the world, all cameras have advantages and disadvantages, but there is definitely a camera that best suits you. If you have extra funds, then you can simply to buy a high-end camera.

Nikon D800E, Nikon DSLR camera, Nikon full frame camera
Nikon D800 VS Nikon D800E. Image:
There are many camera factories in the world, but for now let us review professional digital cameras manufactured by Sony, Nikon and Canon. Nikon Represented by the Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E and Canon is represented by a Canon 5D Mark III. As we understand it together, Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D800 is a full frame camera that is now very tight competition to win the hearts of novice and professional photographers worldwide.

Canon 5D MK III is a very balanced specification of image quality and speed consecutive photos. This shows the Canon 5D is quite versatile. You can use the Canon 5D for landscape photos, portraits, wildlife, sports, weddings, seminars, music concerts, and so on.

While the Nikon D800 and D800E superior in resolution / size of the image because it has a 36 Mega Pixels sensor, but Nikon D800E does not have a low pass filter, so that the picture is sharper, but also raises risk of moiré (defects in the picture) when shooting such fine texture or pattern shirt stone texture, so you have to make the right choice according to your needs before you buy Nikon D800 or D800E version.

Canon 5D Mark III, high end camera, Canon DSLR camera, full frame camera
Canon 5D Mark III. Image:
High resolution of Nikon D800 indeed interesting because will generate photograph and video who sharper, but there is sides ugly of camera with high resolution because speed photograph successive lower, namely only 4 photos per seconds only, compared Canon 5D who 6 photos per seconds. Nikon D800 could certainly very superior for shooting landscapes, cities; sports photos in daylight and beautiful girl photo shoot for advertising needs.

For video, the 5D Mk III excels in low light conditions or dark conditions, and free of more, while Nikon excels in sharpness and the crop mode allows extending the reach of the lens.

While the Sony SLT A99 is somewhat different because it is not a DSLR camera, but the SLT. Sony A99 has a few key differences, namely its LCD screen can be folded and rotated (very practical when used to record video in various locations). This camera also has stabilizer in the camera, so all lenses are mounted will benefit from it.

Sony Alpha A99, SLT camera, Digital SLR camera, video camera
Sony Alpha A99. Image:
And their advantage over both DSLR above is Autofocus may follow if the subject moves smoothly. Unfortunately, the Sony A99 does not have an optical viewfinder (electronic only) it would be quickly drained battery and when shooting in the dark would be a little difficult to see clearly.

I think, for a versatile camera both photos and video, the Canon 5D Mk III is a great choice. If you like landscape photography, plans to print photos with very large size, the Nikon D800 / E better, and if you are recording a video in the field with fast-moving subjects, the Sony A99 is more practical. With all the sophistication and the various aspects and deprivation on the three cameras, you do not need to be confused. You definitely know what your needs now and in the coming days.

You can look back at the various reviews on the Internet or photography magazine comparison Nikon and Canon or Sony, or you will choose high-end camera produced by Pentax and Panasonic or Leica, so you can make a decision as soon as possible.



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