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Canon EOS 650D

Great news for camera lovers.
Do you want to hunt and adventure or safari in Africa or on vacation in a tropical paradise island of Bali with your girl friend, friend or family? You definitely need a digital camera is a lightweight but can be reliable as a professional camera. You can rely on the latest cameras from Canon to hunt for interesting subjects in Bali and other exotic locations around the world. If you're dizzy to choose the entry-level professional camera that is easy to use, then you can consider this Canon camera, the Canon EOS 650D.

Canon re-do a refresher on beginner DSLR camera segment with the launch of the EOS 650D (Rebel T4i) who became the successor of the EOS 600D. You could say this is a new chapter that prefers the Canon DSLR video capabilities, particularly for auto focus, because before this Canon DSLR cannot do continuous autofocus while recording video. This ability is the secret behind the introduction of Hybrid AF system, what kind of explanation, we try to describe to you.

But before that, did not complete it if you do not peel a bit of improvement this feature on the Canon 650D. One of the most appreciated is wearing a 9 point AF module that everything belongs to 60D are cross type. Then the Digic processor in it is the fifth generation, it's no wonder the shooting rate has reached 5 images per second. Besides its LCD screen now has a touch screen type that can be used to access the settings or select the focus point when live-view.

Starting from Canon EOS 500D provides video recording features, which continue to be refined on the 550D and 600D. But because of design limitations DSLR cameras that use mirrors to create a module-based phase detection AF becomes useless as a live-view or movie.

 Canon now make modifications when creating 650D sensor that can detect the phase and contrast, the first time in the history of the DSLR camera sensor. With this new discovery process of auto focus when recording video faster and no longer have to manually focus.

So the 650D is designed to provide photography and videography experience is just as good. This step can be understood as the segment continues to be attacked by a beginner DSLR cameras and camera mirrorless SLT, they both claim to expert auto focus when recording video. It's just to enjoy the continuous autofocus in 650D there are conditions to be met, namely the need to use a new lens with the STM code, or Stepper Motor. STM lens is faster than the auto focus is also more silent so it does not take the bike sounds recorded on video.

Canon lenses are made of two STM, namely EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS and STM pancake lens EF 40mm f/2.8 full frame. For those who do not need a lens package STM can still choose the standard kit lens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS. You also can choose a zoom lens,  telephoto lens from Canon or other third party lens such as Sigma, Tamron and other famous brands, then you are ready for hunting anywhere.

You'll be happy to use this camera for everyday needs such as holiday, birthday parties, weddings, school events, and you’re other events.


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